Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Blue Paisley Purse!

I LOVE this purse! I originally made it for myself, but--as the maker of these gems--I already have too many to use. I wish I could keep it, but it's just not big enough for 2 babies' diapers, wipes, toys, changes of clothes, and recieving blankets. Boo...

Lightweight, it is constructed of blue paisley and light tan colored cottons with light blue thread. Inside are two divided pockets, and the clasp is a square of velcro (under the pretty, pearly vintage button!). Blue paisley cuffs adorn each end of the strap. (Don't mind the bundle of cloth diapers that I stuffed it with, for photographic purposes!)

Normally I would make this one more expensive, but in keeping with my plan to offer one item/wk for $10 or less, I'm offering this bag for $10. That economy--it's a killer! As always: first come, first served!

This Purse: $10
Custom Orders: $12 - $24
Shipping: $2

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