Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pleated Purses

I am very happy with how these little bags turned out! Very unique, you're sure to get lots of compliments when you take one of these out. Each bag is one-of-a-kind, lined, and comes with a matching wallet. The handles easily tuck in very inconspicuously to give you a clutch, and each has vintage buttons on the outside which coordinate with the lining. All are double-stitched for strength and stability, so they're sure to last you a LONG time! The openings of the bags are fitted with a plastic grid sheet inside, so they are structred and not floppy. I have included a 12" ruler in the pictures for size reference. Here's what I've got:
*1 Brown Corduroy

I love this rich brown fabric! It really goes well with the light green and pink ribbon/rose print lining. Brown satin ribbon ties make the closure for this bag, and the handle is a loosely crocheted length of the same brown satin ribbon--very, very pretty! The embellishments on the outside perfectly coordinate with the bag--one transparent plastic button with a glaze that looks like abalone shell, one thin pink satin ribbon bow, and one green plastic button with a special design. It's gorgeous! The wallet has a large front flap, so no closure is needed, and is edged with very light yellow zig-zag stitching. Two inside pockets complete the purse. Lovely!

*2 Gray-Brown Corduroy (These two purses are the same color, but take on a different look in different lighting.)

The first purse has a braided handle made of white cotton (one strand is stitched with brown thread) and three buttons embellishing the outside corner (yellow, white, and light blue plastic). Lined with a vintage floral pattern with brown, green, orange, and blue wildflowers. (The lining reminds me of a country field in the summer!) Tie closure made of the same material as the lining. Two inside pockets. While all the other wallets are made from the same material as the lining, this one coordinates with brown gingham and a yellow button on the front, which matches the yellow button on the purse. Brown zig-zag stitching around the edges with a velcro square closure.
Please excuse the percieved wrinkle in the middle--trickery of the light!

The second gray-brown purse has gotten tons of "oooos" and "aaaahs". The handle, lining, and wallet are made of blue-green cotton with tiny orange, red, and green flowers. Two inside pockets. A very pale yellow scalloped stitch runs the edges of the handle. Large amber-colored button closure. Adorning buttons are gray, white, and brown textured plastic. Button closure on wallet matches brown button on purse.

*2 Green Corduroy

The first has brown and black paisley lining, a very dark brown leather button closure, two inside pockets, and three buttons adorning the outside corner (shiney brown plastic, brushed brass, and dark brown crocheted). The wallet is made from the same material as the lining, has a long front flap and no closure, and brown zig-zag stitching around the edges. Beautiful bag!

The second green corduroy purse is lined with a beautiful, very colorful vintage Indian print. Large plastic amber-colored button closure with three coordinating buttons on the other side of the purse (red flower, brushed brass, and brown textured). The wallet is made of the same print, and has a long flap and no closure.

Price: $20 + actual shipping (based on total order)

Availability: 5 purses (shown here)


These cute little creations are simple and versatile. A very easy, inexpensive way to stash anything from jewelry to pencils, make a snazzy first-aid kit for the car, store make-up and jewelry, or--PERFECT for the holidays--add a personalized touch to your gift certificates, gift cards, or gifts of cash! And of course, the classic use: a wallet! Only a couple are the same, so there is plenty of variety to choose from. They are roughly 8 inches long (a 12" ruler is included in the photos). Unique, vintage buttons adorn each pouch. Sew-on snap or velcro closure on every one. Here is what I currently have available:

*4 Green Floral with Multicolored Flowers and a single snap closure in the middle. 2 have red flower buttons and 2 have blue and white buttons on the front. A purple zig-zig stitch finishes the edges.

*3 Paisley with velcro round closures. One has 2 siver medal buttons (which say "Equipements Militaires"), one has three faux crystal buttons, and one has two red flower buttons. A purple straight stitch completes the edges of the first two, and a white zig-zag stitches adorns the edges of the pouch with red buttons.

*3 Red Floral with White Flowers. One has two white flower confetti pieces on the front and velcro round closures. The other two have pearly buttons and velcro square closures. All three have white zig-zag stitches around the edge.

*2 Navy Blue with Playing Card Symbols. Both have faux crystal buttons, velcro round closures, and purple zig-zag stitch finishing.

*1 Brown Gingham with Pearly White button, brown zig-zag stitches, and velcro square closure.


*3 Tiny Green Floral with Multicolor Flowers. Pearl buttons, purple zig-zag stitching, snap closures.
*1 Paisley with very light pastel pink shirt buttons, purple straight stitch, and snap closures. Perfect for a lipstick pouch!

Price: $5 for large pouches, $3 for small pouches + actual shipping cost (based on total order)

AVAILABILITY: What you see here!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rachael's Diaper/Tote Bag

This is a really great bag! Practical, attractive, a style for every season. Made specifically for my sister who does a lot of babysitting for a boy without a bag, this large tote is about 18" long X 12" deep X 5" wide. Her request was for a diaper bag stylish enough to pack around Baby's belongings, as well as hers.
The body is constructed of red duck, and the pockets are red-striped off-white duck. Both sides of the outside of the bag are identical. The striped material on the outside makes the pockets, divided by the straps (3 pockets on each side). I hand-stitched a blanket stitch around the edges (I also used french seams) to make it a little more ornate. This is fairly heavy fabric (like canvas), and the sides and bottom are structured with plastic sheets so it will not fall over or lose its shape.
On the inside of the bag, one entire side is two large pockets with a little more room for diapers and a change of clothing. The other side of the inside is smaller pockets--three shorter ones overlapping three taller pockets. This is a bag that will last for a long time!
**Soon to follow: a small flatbag to match. This is the bag that inspired those!**

I've also made this bag out of corduroy and cotton prints. (It looks just as good, is very sturdy, and the lighter weight material is kinder to my sewing machine!)

Price range: $25 - $40 (varies according to material cost and type)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

White Polar Fleece Baby Bonnets

These are just the cutest things! They are made from a pattern that my mother used to make clothing for my brother when he was a baby, back in the mid 1960s. True classic style!
I currently have 6 on hand. They are all constructed of white polar fleece, so they are incredibly soft and warm. No lining required (polar fleece is the same on both sides). Each is hand-embroidered with a unique design on the back, and I have put a blanket stitch around the face which matches the design on the back. Complete with a matching 1/2" satin ribbon drawstring to match the embroidery. The back of the embroidered design is covered with fusible interfacing, so you'll never worry about the stitching coming out! Sized 0-6 months.

The designs are as follows:
1. Light and dark blue snowflakes on back (these pictures are sideways--sorry!). Dark blue blanket stitch around face and medium blue drawstring ribbon.
<-----top, bottom (neck) ------>

2. Christmas tree and presents, dark green blanket stitch and drawstring ribbon.
<----- top, bottom(neck)----->
3. Light and dark purple butterfly design with light purple blanket stitch and drawstring ribbon (all the blanket stitches look alike, so I won't show any more).
<----- top, bottom (neck)----->

4. Bright pink spiral on back and blanket stitch around the face. Light pink drawstring ribbon.

5. Dark purple hearts on back, dark purple blanket stitch and drawstring ribbon.

<-----top, bottom (neck)----->

6. Light pink swirly design and blanket stitch.

<-----top, bottom (neck)----->

Price: $10 each + actual shipping costs (based on total order)

Availability: 3 bonnets (shown here)

Custom Orders Available! (NOTE: Custom orders of the same type and material are the same price as the items you see here.)